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The Winners of the 26th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Writer’s Digest would like to congratulate our 26th annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards winners! For full coverage of the awards, please check out the March/April 2019 issue of Writer’s Digest, and enter the 27th annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards here.

Grand Prize

Breaking Vases: Shattering Limitations & Daring to Thrive by Dima Ghawi ($18.95) Dima Ghawi LLC.

Read an interview With WD’s 26th Annual Self-Published Book Awards Winner Dima Ghawi.

Children’s Books

First Place

Little Rosa by Mr. E and Colette Alexandratos (illustrator) ($9.65) Perky Penguin Press.

Honorable Mentions

The Inn at the Edge of the World by Jeremy J. Gritton ($9.24) Mascot Books.

The Prince of Twindleland by Mary Rhee and Elisa Chavarri (illustrator) ($8.60) Outskirts Press.

Genre Fiction

First Place

Death by Armoire by Albert A. Bell, Jr. ($16.95) Claystone Books.

Honorable Mentions

A Promise to Keep by Christina Tetreault ($6).

Ardmore Green, A Zeke Traynor Mystery by Jeff Siebold ($12.99).

Death’s Intern by D.C. Gomez ($9.95).

Guilt Trip by Donna Huston Murray ($7.46).

Mattie by Betty Willis ($15).

My Interview With Beethoven by L.A Hider Jones ($17.99) CreateSpace.

One Must Kill Another by Marcus Alexander Hart ($12.99) Canaby Press.

Silent Gavel by Merissa Racine ($12.99) Wind Driven Press.

The Immorality Clause by Brian Parker ($12.99) Muddy Boots Press.

The Zeta Grey War: The Event by David F. Capps ($19.95) Clearwater Valley Press.

Unhaunted: A White Crow Mystery by Trisha Slay ($14.99) Lost Hollow Press.


First Place

Crawling Out by Casey Morley ($14.97) BalboaPress.

Honorable Mentions

Coloring Outside The Lines: A Woman’s Journey to the Best Version of Herself by Dr. Brandie Gowey and Andi Kleinman (illustrator) ($25) NI Press.

A Beautiful Morning: How a Morning Ritual Can Feed Your Soul and Transform Your Life by Ashley Ellington Brown ($14.07) Leo Press.

Life Stories

First Place

The House on Dale Street: My Time in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee by Steve Salem Evans ($10).

Honorable Mentions

Honey Farm Dreaming by Anna Featherstone ($19) CapeAble Publishing.

I Live in a Chickenhouse by Max B. Heppner

I’m a Little Brain Dead by Kimberly Davis Basso ($11.99).

Thunderstruck Fiddle by Leslie Askwith ($17.95) Blurb.

Victim to Victory by Heather Ferri ($16.95) Christian Faith Publishing.

Mainstream/Literary Fiction

First Place

The Moon Daughter by Zohreh Ghahremani ($14.95) Turquoise Books.

Honorable Mentions

Anatomy of a Felon by January Joyce ($11.99) CreateSpace.

Code Billy by Ben Huber ($14.99).

Fathers’ Day by HJ Brennan ($13.99).

Outlaws by Edmund Fairfax ($16.95) Bokos.

Promises by Dennis Rowe ($16.99) Tate Publishing.

The Last Suttee by Madhu Bazaz Wangu ($14.99).

The Painter’s Apprentice by Laura Morelli ($16.49) The Scriptorium.

Truly Are the Free by Jeffrey K. Walker ($14.95).

Middle-Grade/Young Adult

First Place

Aging Out by L. Lee Shaw ($4.10) Boho Books.

Honorable Mention

Faster Than Falling: The Skylighter Adventures by Nathan Van Coops ($13.99) Skylighter Press.

Girl With Cat (Blue) by Sam Hawksmoor ($13.95) CreateSpace.

Idiot Genius: Willa Snap and the Clockwerk Boy by Richard Due ($7.44) Gibbering Gnome Press.

War on a Sunday Morning by Teresa R. Funke ($7.95) Victory House Press.


First Place

Designing Poppers, Sliders & Divers by Steven B. Schwitzer ($44.95) Pixachrome Publishing.

Honorable Mentions

Artful Color in Nuno Felt by Beverly Ash Gilbert ($29.99).

Bandstand Diaries: The Philadelphia Years by Sharon Sultan Cutler, Arlene Sullivan and Ray Smith ($30.00) Coney Island Press.

Behind the Lines by Jeffrey B. Miller ($18.95) Milbrown Press.


First Place

Of Magic and Madness by KV Thompson ($12) CreateSpace.

Honorable Mentions

Peace in Pieces by Peggy Belles ($14.99).

Two Ends of a Loose String by John S. Gilbertson ($11.10) Main Street Rag.


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