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This Week in the Blogs, March 2 – 8, 2019

By Shelley Sturgeon

Hope you’re having a great weekend. Enjoy this week’s selection of articles and don’t forget to submit your articles to our March blog carnival, Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies by the deadline–Friday, March 15th.

Anne R. Allen on Anne R. Allen’s Blog… with Ruth Harris
How to Write for a Blog: 10 Tips for Writing Strong Web Content
“Writing Web content is a little different from writing a traditional essay or magazine article, but it’s not hard. You just have to learn some basic guidelines.”

Elizabeth S. Craig on Author Imprints
Rights Reversion and What to Do After Reversion
“Asking for your rights and starting down the road of self-publishing a backlist can be overwhelming. But breaking down the project into smaller tasks makes the job manageable.”

Melinda Clayton on Indies Unlimited
KDP Print (formerly CreateSpace) vs. IngramSpark
“I think it’s probably time for a refresher post comparing KDP Print and IngramSpark.”

Kristen Lamb on Kristen Lamb – Author, Blogger, Social Media Jedi
Editing for Authors: 7 Ways to Tighten the Story and Cut Costs
“Editing has always been a critical factor regarding any book’s success. This has NOT changed. If anything, proper editing is a complete game-changer now more than ever in the history of publishing.”

Russell Phillips on Self Publishing Advice From The Alliance Of Independent Authors
How to Set Up Local Book Links for your Ebooks
“Helping readers find your ebooks in the online store of their choice will increase the chances of making a sale, so it makes sense to provide convenient local book links on your author website to all the stores where your books are available.”

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This Week in the Blogs, February 2 – 9, 2019

By Shelley Sturgeon

Working hard at planning, publishing and promoting your books? Why not take a couple of minutes to read this week’s selection of articles. A pause to refresh, relax and help to keep you informed.

And, a quick reminder: Submissions for issue #101 of our Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies blog carnival need to be received by Friday. Info and submission form can be found here. The post will be published on the last Sunday of the month.

Ilan Nass on Your Writer Platform
Best Practices for Authors Looking to Optimize Their Marketing Strategy
“It’s an unfortunate truth that writing a good book doesn’t guarantee an author’s success. … With so many others vying for readers’ attention, it’s important to implement an effective marketing strategy. Various brands rely on best practices instilled by a Facebook advertising specialist or Instagram expert to promote their products, and authors may consider doing the same to attract a broader audience.”

Kristen Lamb on Kristen Lamb – Author, Blogger, Social Media Jedi
How to Sell More Books: A Tale of Fishing & Catfishing
“How do we sell more books? This is the big question all authors ask (myself included). Obviously, there are countless opinions about how to sell more books, but not all opinions are created equally.”

Anne R. Allen on Anne R. Allen… with Ruth Harris
Your Online Presence: 10 Mistakes for Authors to Avoid
“These days, an author’s online presence is of vital importance to a career, whether we’re published or planning to publish. Whether we’re indie, hybrid, or trad-pubbed, it’s not only essential to be easy to find online, but we need to keep a professional presence and guard our author brand and reputation.”

Dana Sitar on Writer’s Digest
Who Is Your Target Audience? Use This Simple Trick to Figure Out If They Actually Exist
“Someone has probably told you at some point in your writing journey to think about your “target audience.” So you went through the exercise: stated their gender, age, location, occupation, income bracket and relationship to your subject.”

Christina McDonald on Jane Friedman
How to Grow an Email Newsletter Starting from Zero
“An email list is your secret weapon for selling books—it is a direct connection to your reader. But when I got my first book deal, I had no audience, no author Facebook page, and no email list. I knew I needed to build awareness to give my book the best chance to succeed. Here is my step-by-step guide to how I built my email list to 6,000 subscribers in one year.”

Too Good To Miss

Kotobee on Kotobee Blog
International Book Fairs 2019
“Nothing warms a book lover’s heart more than a good book. And nothing excites a book addict more than a book fair, overflowing with publishers and booksellers. So, every year we compile for you the dates of the biggest and best book fairs around the world, in the annual Kotobee International Book Fair Calendar.”

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This story originally appeared on The Book Designer