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Thriller Book Contest

Everyone loves a great Thriller! Plot twists, heroic action, steamy romance and the end where the good guy wins and the bad guys lose. It’s as American as Apple Pie, Baseball and Mom, and Dad. But do you know the key elements to a great Thriller outside of all the hype?

1. A hero who’s both conventional and heroic.

Rather than having a “Superman” invulnerable sort legend, it’s all the more fulfilling to the perusers on the off chance that you utilize a customary individual who’s tossed into upsetting, at that point progressively nerve-racking circumstances, and must call the majority of his fearlessness, quality and inward assets to beat the chances, spare himself and other honest individuals, and annihilation malicious. Think Keanu Reeves character in Matrix or

2. An amiable, thoughtful protagonist

The perusers should most likely warm up to your principle character rapidly, to begin relating to her; else, they don’t generally mind the end result for her. So no chilly, narrow-minded, presumptuous characters for saints or heroines!

3. A commendable enemy for the protagonist

Your rival should be as shrewd, solid, creative and decided as your hero, yet additionally genuinely dreadful, improper and frightening.

4. An intriguing setting

Readers like to get some answers concerning places they haven’t been, regardless of whether it’s the shabby side of Chicago, glamorous Hollywood, rustic Kentucky, the mountains of Colorado, or the sounds of Louisiana — or progressively removed, extraordinary areas. What’s more, milk your setting for all it’s worth.

5. A story that fits the hero and bad habit version it

doesn’t, change your hero — or your storyline. You can generally utilize your present one in another novel.

6. An instigating incident

What happens to the fundamental character to set the story occasions in real life? Make it tense and compelling.

7. An extraordinary plot, with progressing strife and tension

You need a real issue question and a lot of interest. Furthermore, every scene should contain tension and conflict of some sort. On the off chance that it doesn’t, erase it.

8. Lots of suspense

Keep the perusers on the edge of their seats, turning the pages to discover what will happen next.

9. Multiple viewpoints

Narrating the story from different perspectives, including that of the scalawag, will include intrigue, intricacy, and anticipation to your novel. Be that as it may, don’t head-jump inside a scene! Hang tight for another scene or section to change viewpoints.

10. A tight, for the most part, quick paced composing style

Streamline your composition to improve stream and pacing. Experience and take out every single pointless word, sentences, and sections, and any tedious expressions, occasions or thoughts. Spine chillers are not the class to wax expressive.

All of those things are important but the most import is YOU the author to create it! That’s why we are running a Thriller Book Contest for the next five days. Get your Thriller book submitted and we will enter you into a drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Follow this link to submit your book to be counted toward the contest!