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Writers Recognize Your Wingmen

When my daughter started soccer in kindergarten I made some interesting observations. You see there were three kinds of kids on the field. There were the goal-getters, the kids who would hit the ball into the goal and score points. Then there were the passers, the children who would pass the ball to the goal-getters. And then lastly there were the blockers, the kids who would keep the other children off the backs of the goal-getters.

It was always the goal-getters that got most of the accolades from the assembled parents and other spectators. But, any coach will tell you that the passers and the blockers were both just as necessary to the success of the team. They just didn’t receive any of the glory.

In writing, you have the same setup. You have your authors, these are your goal-getters, and the people who get all of the accolades from the book. But, you also have your illustrators who create all the images in the book – these are akin to your passers. Lastly, you have your support people, marketers, formatting specialists and PR people – these are akin to your blockers. They keep your book on track finish the production cycle and get your book noticed.

Just as in soccer you need all three types of children, so to do you need all three types of people in the production of your book. Never forget that!