Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a fee to publish a book?

No, we do not charge any fees to publish your book.

Like all traditional book publishing companies, we earn a profit when we sell books to readers through our distribution channels and marketing campaigns.

What genres do you publish in?

We are capable of publishing in any genre but our primary genre’s are Children’s (picture book to young adult), Romance, Thriller/Suspense and Self-Help.

What royalties will I earn?

We pay our authors 25%-50% of net royalties for electronic sales and 50% of all payments received for subsidiary rights licensing deals. If we earn $10,000 in royalties, you get paid 50% of that amount, or $5,000 in most cases.

If we earn $5,000 for a 5-year deal to license German language rights for your book, you earn 50% or $2,500.

It’s just that simple: for every dollar, your book brings in, you get half (which is 3-5x more than what you would get with a traditional publisher).

What services do you provide?

All of our book publishing and marketing services are free for clients.

We are an independent publishing company dedicated to with you to build your author brand and promote your books for our mutual long-term success.

Here’s just a taste of what we offer clients:

  • Help with book title ideas and selection
  • Cover design
  • Formatting and publishing for eBooks
  • Interior book design for print books
  • Distribution
  • Ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Tracking sales and royalties
  • Foreign language rights sales and marketing
  • Introductions to leading bloggers, podcasters, book reviewers, and journalists in your market.
  • And more!

Does my book have to be professionally edited?

You don’t have to hire a professional editor for us to publish your book. Our editors provide free copyediting, line editing, and proofreading services to clients.

However, remember that your book needs to be of professional quality whenever you submit for publication – no matter whether that’s via self-publishing, through an agent, to the Big 5, or to a small press. Readers really do know the difference and want to see professional-quality work!

You can polish your manuscript on your own, with beta readers or volunteer help, or with a professional editor who can help you spot plot holes, fix pacing, improve the structure and flow, and so much more.

It’s up to you whether you hire an editor before pursuing publication, but remember that investing in your book’s success is always a smart strategy!

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About Us

Isabella Media Inc is a Rhode Island-based, family-owned, mainline publishing organization with a mission to discover unknown authors. We combine unknown authors’ undiscovered potential with Isabella Media Inc’s unique approach to publishing and provide them with the highest quality books and the most inclusive benefits package available. Isabella Media Inc was formed to serve you, the author, as a traditional, mainline royalty publishing company and provide a platform for unknown authors. We listen to your feedback and create a collaborative atmosphere with our authors in the belief that you’ll come back to us with your next book.