Every author dreams of being a credible author. Self-publishing entails a lot of elements in order for one to be very successful. The author takes on a lot of work in order to be credible to the whole world. People believe what they could see, hear, and even read. And for people to buy an author’s work, they have to believe what the author can do and where they can bring them. Whether in a romantic era or to a mystery/thriller train ride to the Swiss Alps.

Here are some ways on how authors can build their credibility when they self-publish their works.

#1 A Great Educational Background and Training in the Field

For every person that has been dreaming of becoming a successful self-published author studies in their own various ways the right techniques and proper ways of writing and expressing their thoughts and ideas.

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On the other hand, if the book is about making leather goods or even woven bags, then a degree in Psychology is inept for this. For a writer to be able to produce a well-written book, they can start with attending workshops related to crafting leather wallets or bags. Some could even interview crafters who have been in the industry for quite a while.
Most have formal education accompanied by training or workshops relating to the field and some pursue advanced education or degrees that are related to the career that you are pursuing. If the book is about self-care, then it is best if education on Psychology is pursued. The degree can equip the aspiring author knowledge about how a person can properly take care of every aspect of his or her life. From mental health up to emotional intelligence, and surely, people will love a book like this since it is what most of us need nowadays.

More importantly, the degree that the author is pursuing should be related to what the book is all about. Someone cannot write about something that he or she is not fully knowledgable of.

#2 Great Book or Publication

With great books comes with great author. Did that saying seem familiar? It’s another version of the popular quote from Spiderman, “With great power comes with great responsibility.” This is also applicable with writing and self-publishing.

Most of the credibility that an author can earn starts from the works that he or she has authored and even published. It is vital for the author to publish something that is great and serious that almost everyone in the target market would potentially and actually buy a copy. Even self-publishing companies should be convinced and also trust that the book that you have authored is a great product.

As an author, it is very vital that you do your research. From studying what you have been thinking of as a topic to the self-publishing company that would trust the work and eventually publishes the book. More importantly, always remember to invest in what you do and refrain from spending so much on just some publication. Remember, readers can be very picky about what they read and recommend to their peers or even their family.

#3 Personal Journeys in Life

When creating something, people embark on journeys that lead them to the right path. That path is where they want to be or the life they want to live. Most take time to be able to craft their lives but what’s important is the what they realize during the journey.

The same goes with authors and their books. When personal journeys are included in the creation of the book, it allows the book to be a way to tell stories to the audience from the author’s perspective. This can be spotted easily when readers choose biographies.

However, when it comes to fictional works, others incorporate their personal experiences to make their works more interesting. More so, it is assures the readers that the author is a human being like them. A human that feels, thinks and journeys the world just like them.

#4 Have a Website and Social Accounts

Authors who own websites can reach more readers or even publishers because it shows professionalism. Not only that but it also impresses the right people since they can see the works, compilations, personal journeys in life. Readers and followers alike search for profiles they could follow on social media which will keep them updated about their favorite authors; always on the lookout for new teasers or blurbs about upcoming books or publications.

What entails a great website: a domain that showcases your name or even your own branding, a web host that will surely be a secure and trusted one and lastly, a template that gives a professional look with a creative touch.

If all these elements are present, this gives the author additional credibility which could potentially catapult the publication sales.

Authors have their various ways of creating and building up their credibility. It can start with just being true to themselves and write what they want. But it is essential for publishing companies to believe in the author before engaging with their books and other works.

How To Build Credibility with Self-Publishing

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