Book: Sarah An Autistic Among the Lying NTs

This book is the story of a woman with autism from her first memory through school, marriage, the business world and raising two autistic sons.

This book is essentially about my life, but names and places have been changed to protect the guilty. Some events have been changed or shifted in time to make the story flow better. As an autistic, I am almost pathologically honest, and throughout most of my life, unfortunately, expected others to be as well. That resulted in a multitude of difficulties which I gradually overcame.

The language in this book reflects the age of the protagonist. It is simple when she is you, but grows increasingly complex as she becomes older. It features Sarah's friendships, her experiences with dating and the bewilderment she experiences in social relationships. The connection, almost from the start, between Sarah and her husband Tim, as well as the difficulties they encounter, are seen through her eyes.

Sarah goes through many stages as a chemist, the co-founder of a business and finally a writer.

This book explores the challenges inherent not only in being autistic but in raising children with autism and ushering them through adulthood. Sarah's two sons function at very different levels and both their differences and commonalities are highlighted. The sensory difficulties encountered by both children and adults with autism are also explored.

The events in the book reflect Sarah's perception of the world at every stage of her life and how her failure to understand basic human behavior provides her with continual challenges in both her personal and business life. They also reflect the type of frauds that may be perpetrated on the innocent and unwary.