Keeping your children occupied in the car can be a very difficult task. The longer you’re on the road, the more likely it is that youngsters will start to act up. Many vehicles come equipped with DVD players these days, and you can also use a portable DVD player or a tablet to watch movies on the go. However, many parents don’t like to constantly rely on this form of entertainment for their children. A great alternative to think about is audiobooks. Let’s look at the benefits of choosing audiobooks over movies, and what you should take into account when making a selection.

Audiobooks by Age Group

The format of an audiobook can vary based on the age of the reader. For younger children, you’ll find that the books tend to have a lot of music, sing-song voices and sing-a-long portions. This helps keep a small child interested who otherwise wouldn’t be able to focus for very long.

Benefits of Choosing Audiobooks Over Movies

It’s important to make your children less dependent on screens. When they watch a movie, there isn’t a lot of imagination that’s involved in the process. An audiobook provides your child with the words of the story. They can imagine the imagery and come up with their own movie in their head. Plus, listening to audiobooks as you drive can help you stay more alert. Fatigued driving is a huge cause of car accidents, especially for families. Whether you’re focusing on what your child is listening to or using your own audiobook, you’ll be able to efficiently pass the time and stay alert this way.

Getting a Conversation Going

Listing to audiobooks is a great way to connect with your kids while you’re driving. You can all listen to the same audiobook and discuss it as you go along. Your kids can choose their own versions, and they can ask you questions, tell you what’s going on, where they are at in the story, etc. It’s a great conversation starter that you otherwise wouldn’t get if your child was zoned out and watching a movie.

If you want to start using audiobooks in the car, you can head to your local library to check some out for free. There are also apps that you can download on your smartphone or tablet in order to listen to audiobooks from those devices.

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Stop Relying on Movies to Keep Your Kids Entertained in the Car — Listen to Audiobooks Instead!

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