Print Distribution to brick and mortar retailers, bookstores and libraries:
For every print title, you request that we publish 2 PDF files:
• Complete Interior PDF* (formatted as .pdf) + Complete Cover PDF** (formatted as .pdf)
*Complete Interior PDF: you must provide one PDF of the complete interior of your book. Included in the PDF would be every page that you see when you open a physical copy of a book. This includes any blank pages whether they are numbered or not from beginning to end. Individual PDFs of each chapter or parts do not make a “complete” book.

**Complete Cover PDF: this means all the information (text and images) on the front cover, back cover, spine, and flaps (if cover is a dust jacket) assembled into a single PDF. A PDF of the front cover alone is not a complete cover PDF.

Each PDF file must be a high-resolution file no less than 600 dpi for black & white and 300 dpi for color formatted to one of the following trim sizes determined by the genre of the book.

Trim Size by Genre

  • General Fiction  5.25×8
  • General Non-Fiction 5.5×8.5
  • Thrillers/Mysteries  5.25×8
  • YA General Fiction  5×7
  • YA Dystopian, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi  5.5×8.5
  • General Self Help  5.25×8
  • Inspirational/Spiritual  5×8
  • Memoir  5.25×8
  • Reference  6×9 and 7×10
  • Middle-Grade Fiction  5×8
  • Picture Books PB  8.5×8.5
  • Business  5.5×8.5 OR 5.25×8

eBook Distribution to online e-retailers
For every eBook title you will be uploading 2 files:
• Complete Interior EPUB (formatted as .epub) + Front Cover (formatted as .jpeg or .jpg)